Bespoke Solutions

Losotech offers bespoke packaging and pallet solutions. We offer total solutions and will consult our customer in the whole packaging chain from pallet and packaging materials needed, machine specification, servicing and warehousing.

We discuss with the customer in regards to their specific needs and packaging requirements in respect to size, weight and capacity. From this information we can suggest the best solution which matches their unique needs.

Revolutionizing the pallet system 

Our system is based on the client assembling their own pallet when required in their own warehouse using a simple pallet machine.

  • The warehouse worker places a sheet of corrugated cardboard into the machine.
  • Press the start button.
  • Take out the complete pallet.
  • Press the start button to load the machine with pallet feet ready for the next pallet.
  • Pack goods on the newly made pallet.

Test results

According to the test results of pressure testing the product, a
pallet foot is able to handle a load up to 275 kg. 

​A half pallet, 800 x600 which has 5-7 feet can carry up to 1500 kg. Format European Pallet 1200 x 800 which has 9 feet can handle up to 2000 kg.

Standard pallets